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    Light-weighting is one benefit of foaming. A molded component with a closed, evenly-dispersed microcellular structure allows for parts with better dimensional stability, faster cycle times, improved thermal insulation and sound-deadening.

  • Safoam® can be used as a blowing agent, nucleating agent or flow aide in processes including: single- and multi-cavity injection; thick-wall structural foam and gas-assist molding; medium-density rigid extrusions like pipe, profiles and sheet; flexible extrusion including garden hose, CAT-V cable and fishing line; direct-gas nucleation of low-density sheet for food packaging; compression-molded closures for bottles and jars and so much more. Imagine the possibilities…

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Reedy is an authorized agent for Herzog's complete line of shut off nozzels.
Reedy is the exclusive North American agent for Daikin's line of Polymer Processing Aides.
Reedy is an aurthorized agent for Rumass's line of Static Mixers.

Michael Reedy, (September 11, 1952-August 16, 2013) founder of Reedy International Corporation, began with a goal to help plastics producers maintain productivity and profitabilitywhile reducing harmful emissions. Government regulations forced companies to reduce their full time capacity because they were quickly reaching their emissions quota. Some of these regulations necessitated a reduction of operation time by as much as 40%, leading to staff reductions and lost profits.

By introducing his non-toxic, FDA approved chemical foaming and nucleating agents, Mr. Reedy was able to help companies reduce emissions by up to 40%, enabling them to return to full capacity. They also saw unexpected benefits like less embrittlement, better flexibility, improved surface and lower energy costs.

Filling that need was the first step in what would become a global enterprise. By seizing the opportunity to offer his environmentally responsible solutions, Reedy International was on course to transform the plastics industry. Now celebrating 25 years, Reedy continues to advance in the area of chemical foaming additives. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the future of plastics. Reedy is now headquartered in Charlotte, NC from Keyport, NJ, where Michael Reedy lived with his wife, Anne Marie Reedy, who remains the company’s CFO. Mrs. Reedy still maintains an office there.

Their children, Peter Schroeck, CEO and President, Elena Miller, VP of Operations, Bryan Burgess, VP of Global Business and Kristen Reedy, VP of Finance continue to run the organization. There have been five new hires in Charlotte - four in 2014 alone, one employee relocation, a large expansion to the laboratory and the addition of an extrusion line for R&D. Four new products have been added to the product lines and technology continues to develop with the company’s main product, SAFOAM® Chemical Foaming Agents.

Particle Nucleation in Chemical Foam Extrusion

Recent emphasis on light-weighting has foaming technologies being explored by all facets of industry. Endothermic chemical foaming agents are especially desirable due to low-to-zero impact on the environment. Different methods of nucleation to control the cells formation are offered to control cell growth and ultimately part performance.